Bayshore Middle School Tech Team

Bayshore  Middle School Tech Team
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lego Wall

With every year more and more students are coming into Dr, Strobel's class ready for 40 minutes of computers and everything technological. But after a post on Twitter where the tech team was tagged o a plan was hatched, a way for us to spice up the classroom a bit. And with that the Lego Wall was born. First things first,  Dr. Strobel checked out this link which was provided on Twitter.

Next she contacted to author of the site to get more information and brought it to the Tech Team meeting. Now that we had a plan we needed a way for everyone in the school to know. So members of the Tech Team started on PR for the project, giving every homeroom a bag for donating Legos and loose change.  Also, our PE teacher, Mrs. B. Siegel, decided she would donate the money from the faculty vs 8th grade Volley Ball game to purchase the baseplates. After a few weeks, we were finally able to raise enough money to complete the wall.   Mr. Strobel came in and worked with Nick F, Kevin K and Pat B to cut and glue the baseplates onto the plywood frame.  Once it was completed it had to dry for 5 days.  You can see how we started to decorate it with our initials. We also figured that it could be used as a green screen as well. The Lego Wall serves many purposes and is a fun, imaginative way to incorporate Legos into our curriculum.

Matt Conway
8th Grade Tech Team

Picture taken by Luke Ferrell through Twitter