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Friday, May 6, 2016

Creation of the Bayshore Tech Team

I have the privilege of working with a very talented and well-rounded group of middle school students that make up the Bayshore Dolphin's Tech Team. These students not only love tech but are involved in band, chorus, drama, sports, Boy Scouts, and community service.

The concept of a Tech Team was purposed in 2013 by a 6th grader at the Mikey D 3 v 3 benefit basketball tournament to then Vice Principal Mr. Alston. The original purpose of the team was to compete in the White House Film Fest, (which we did ). The team started as 5 students who met twice a week during lunch.  These students had approximately 4 weeks to get the video created and submitted. They used their smartphones to record the footage, uploaded it to Animoto (which at that time was free) and worked to edit together the various pieces. There were so many frustrating moments because there were multiple times footage was lost or had to be redone because of the quality. These students worked tirelessly to edit the raw footage and to finish the video.  They were determine to finish this project and represent Bayshore!  Starting with a challenge or specific project is the way to go because it created so much energy and excitement.  After finishing the video they asked what was the next step and couldn't wait to get started on that task!

Thanks to the support from our principal, Mr. Scarano, our then Vice-Principal, Mr. Alston, and our current Vice Principal, Mr. Cullen, the team evolved into a general-purpose Tech Team, which takes on a variety of projects at our school and for our district. We have presented at parent's nights, assisted in troubleshooting equipment for presentations, and presented at EdCamp Jersey Shore and Ednado.  These students have created digital badges and tutorials for teachers in the building to use. We also have a partnership with the Computer Science department at Monmouth University.

From the first team of 5 sixth graders passionate about creating a video for the White House Challenge, we have grown into a team of 29 students.  This team reaches beyond the walls of Bayshore.  We are pleased to have DJ Hager, a former Bayshore student and a student leader at High School South be a part of this amazing team. We are an entirely student-led team of 6th, 7th, 8th and 12th grade students. There are "team leaders" for each grade level that suggest and plan activities for the group.These students meet after school once a week for approximately 45 minutes, which enables former students the opportunity to stay involved with the team.

Below are some of the videos showing what we created or participated in:.

Dr. Donna Strobel
Bayshore Middle School Tech Team Advisor

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