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Bayshore  Middle School Tech Team
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Friday, May 6, 2016

Welcome to the Blog

As a longtime member of the Bayshore Tech Team, I've watched the team evolve from a 7-member once-a-week lunchtime team into a 29-member extracurricular activity.

One funny anecdote: At Edcamp Jersey Shore this past summer, I gave probably the only student-driven presentation to teachers about how to start a tech team within their own home districts, which was extremely well-received. The "unconference" evolved into the shove that sent me to some sort of prominence in advocating for student voice and allowed me to engage in online discussions with educators across my home state - and beyond.

Such a shove is now presented to the Bayshore Tech Team. One thing we have to face is that the internet, like the social trends that inhabit it, is dynamic. You can't just use one medium or one program to communicate to your clientele or followers, because such mediums may not evolve fast enough to avoid being overtaken by new mediums or programs. In many ways, the internet is survival of the fittest - you evolve or you fade into obscurity.

Now, the Bayshore Tech Team is evolving. We are opening this blog to share what we've learned, to encourage others to learn, and continue to drive student leadership, and maybe head to some conferences while we're at it. On that note, we plan to return to Edcamp Jersey Shore this summer - look out for us on August 25 at Middletown High School South!

Kevin Krippa
8th Grade
Student Leader
Student Voice Advocate
Member, Bayshore Tech Team

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